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be prepared…….to have fun

Troop 75 - be prepared…….to have fun

Summer Camporee 2014

This year we have renamed our annual first year summer camp program to Summer Camporee! Here’s when, where and what we are doing.
When: Thursday July 24th starting at 6:00pm thru Sunday July 27th 4:00pm

Where: Chilhowee Campground, the cost is $30 per person (adult or Scout). Food is provided except for Thursday night (eat before you come).

What we are doing:
Merit Badges
First Aid (Scouts need to bring)
1. Personal 1st aid kit
2. Notebook and pencil/pen
Cycling (Scouts need to bring)
1. Bike and helmet
Personal Fitness (Scouts need to bring)
1. Running shoes
2. Notebook and pencil/pen
3. Yoga mat or something similar for exercises on ground

Rank Requirements to be completed,
10a (part of Personal Fitness MB)
11 (poisonous plants)
12a and 12b (part of First Aid MB)
5 (safe hike rules)
9 (buddy system)
Second Class
3c – 3f (part of Firem’n Chit and Totin Chip)
7b (Scouts should bring his 1st aid kit for credit)
7c (part of First Aid MB)
8a – 8c (done at lake)
First Class
1 (day night directions – Mr. Andy will teach this)
7a and 7b (Lashings – Mr. Marty will teach this)
9b (BSA swim test, bring swimming trunks and towel)

Firem’n Chit
Totin Chip

Contact your Scoutmaster with any questions.

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