Troop 75

be prepared…….to have fun

Troop 75 - be prepared…….to have fun

Thank You Massengill Tire and Cleveland Tire Center!

First let me give a great big thank you to Cleveland Tire Center and Massengill Tire! Without both of their support, we would not have been able to compete. Each of these fine Scout friendly companies gave us inner tubes for our rafts. Both companies were very friendly and eager to help us. Parents please support them in appreciation of their support for us.

Raft Race 2012

WOW! This years raft race (our first year ever) was unbelievable. Not only did we all have a blast on the river but we took home 3 trophies, which by the way were our first trophies ever! I am proud of each and every one of my Scouts. It is a pleasure to be part of the finest Troop in the Cherokee Area Council! We have been blessed with good fortune and great Scouts. Keep up the good work guys!

June Preparations

Our 2012 summer camp is coming up quickly. There are many things to do and lots of planning to complete. Our Troop has some great parents and leaders so I am sure all will go well. Thank you adults for your support!

Memorial Day Flag Placement

I am very proud of our Troop this month. 90% of our Scouts participated in the annual Memorial Day Flag placement sponsored by the VFW and American Legion. We had a special task this year and placed flags on the most remote gravesites of our fallen heroes in Bradley and Polk Counties. Remeber this fact always; “Freedom is not free”

Troop Trailer

Thanks to one of our parents we now have a Troop trailer. This is a huge deal for our camping activities. So far there has been a big burden on yours truly to load up gear and supplies prior to our campouts. This, I’m excited to say, is a thing of the past. From now on we will load up gear and supplies on the Troop meeting before an outing. This will give everyone a chance to help and will allow us to keep common gear in the trailer ready to go. Not only does the trailer make loading and hauling our gear easier, it extends our range for outings. I hope the Troop will plan some outings this year to North Carolina and Virginia.

Summer Camp

Due to the cost of summercamp at Skymont, we are not going to be able to attend this year, but, no worries, we are going to have our own summercamp at Gee Creek. I have already begun planning the event. It will be at least 4 days and if Scouts work hard, they can earn their First Class rank. More details to come later this year.

Geared Up!!!

Last week I received a call from a Scoutmaster from a retired Troop who asked if I might be intereted in some gear he had. Of course I was so off to Chattanooga I go. I expected to get a good deal of some gear we desperately needed but when I got there, I could not believe what he had. Tents, Poles, Backpacks, Water containers, Stoves, Lanterns, Coolers and more. So much that I could not pack it all in my truck. Best of all is what I paid for all this gear, nothing!

I’m ready!

I am standing on my front porch looking at the mountains on the horizon, thinking about a hike to the top of one of them. The boys in our Troop are ready for adventure and fun. Me too! We have been blessed in so many ways, dedicated youth, supportive parents, financial abilities and so much more. I thank God for all! Let’s be Scouts through and through, let’s make memories, friends and a positive difference in our communities. Happy Scouting!

your friend in Scouting, Marty Frix Scoutmaster Troop 75

A leader is…

A person who:
wants to give more than receive.
values the views and opinions of his peers.
admits when he makes a mistake.
corrects his mistake as soon as he recognizes it.
Is willing and able to adjust his plan when needed.
shares responsibilities with others.
encourages others to set goals and helps them meet them.
recognizes others achievements and is quick to praise their success.

Think about this Parents

The Little Chap Who Follows Me

A careful man I ought to be, A little fellow follows me,
I do not dare to go astray For fear he’ll go the selfsame way.
I cannot once escape his eyes, Whate’er he sees me do, he tries;
Like me, he says, he’s going to be, The little chap who follows me.
He thinks that I am good and fine, Believes in every word of mine
The base in me he must not see, The little chap who follows me.
I must remember as I go, Through summer’s fun and winter’s snow,
In building for the years to be The little chap who follows me!

Welcome Parents

Scout Parents,

I’d like to welcome all of you to Troop 75. Most of you have been by my side over the last several years and have been a huge part of our boy’s success. Thank you for your support, trust and encouragement. It has helped me much more than any of you know. As we continue the Scouting trail, I hope you will always feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me. I value your insight and experience with your son. My goal is to give your son a set of values and morals that will carry him into manhood and make his life better. I also intend to teach him as much about the outdoors as he is willing and interested to know. Thank you for giving me the great priviledge of being a mentor to your son.