Troop 75

be prepared…….to have fun

Troop 75 - be prepared…….to have fun

Scout Sunday

Scout Sunday is a long standing tradition of the BSA. It is an opportunity to show our thankfulness first to God and secondly to our wonderful Charter organization. Please make time to attend on Sunday March 3rd promptly at 10:20am. We will meet in the dining hall for a short orientation before proceeding to the sanctuary.

Winter Camporee

Congratulations Troop 75! We one the Scout Spirit award this year. It was a great camporee. The theme was Indian Lore. Mr. JD had a great primitive cooking station set up and everyone was talking about all the different thing he cooked. Nice demonstration Mr. JD!

Summer Camp 2013

Greetings Scouts. We have set a date for summer camp at Skymont this evening. As of today, we plan to go on the 4th week of camp, June 23rd thru 29th.

The financial details are as follows;

Initial payment of $75.00 per Scout due by Feb 15th.

Second payment of $75.00 per Scout due by March 8th.

Final payment of $55.00 per Scout due by June 7th.

So there you have it $205.00 per Scout total. We are planning to do some fundraisers to help our Scouts earn some of the money. Camp cards are already here and some have begun to start selling. Here is the complete leaders guide to summer camp 2013 in pdf format.

Thank You Massengill Tire and Cleveland Tire Center!

First let me give a great big thank you to Cleveland Tire Center and Massengill Tire! Without both of their support, we would not have been able to compete. Each of these fine Scout friendly companies gave us inner tubes for our rafts. Both companies were very friendly and eager to help us. Parents please support them in appreciation of their support for us.

Raft Race 2012

WOW! This years raft race (our first year ever) was unbelievable. Not only did we all have a blast on the river but we took home 3 trophies, which by the way were our first trophies ever! I am proud of each and every one of my Scouts. It is a pleasure to be part of the finest Troop in the Cherokee Area Council! We have been blessed with good fortune and great Scouts. Keep up the good work guys!

June Preparations

Our 2012 summer camp is coming up quickly. There are many things to do and lots of planning to complete. Our Troop has some great parents and leaders so I am sure all will go well. Thank you adults for your support!

May Skull Island Campout

The Troop camped at a new location on 5/18/2012. Located on the Chickamauga lake, Skull Island was a great place to spend a hot summer day. Swimming and fishing as well as snake catching were some of the activities over the weekend. The camp hosts gave me a great report on the Troop and welcomes us back again.

Memorial Day Flag Placement

I am very proud of our Troop this month. 90% of our Scouts participated in the annual Memorial Day Flag placement sponsored by the VFW and American Legion. We had a special task this year and placed flags on the most remote gravesites of our fallen heroes in Bradley and Polk Counties. Remeber this fact always; “Freedom is not free”

April Gee Creek Campout

Our first campout with our Troop trailer was held at Gee Creek on 4/13/2012. This was a great learning experience in logistics. I had a long hard talk about orginazation with the Troop. We went on a short hike with boys carrying their backpacks. Lunch on the trail was MREs.