Troop 75

be prepared…….to have fun

Troop 75 - be prepared…….to have fun

Savage Gulf in the South Cumberland State Park

Date: January 30-31st-2016

We went on an overnight hiking trip to Savage Gulf in the South Cumberland State Park. We stopped for lunch along the bluffs. Our hike to camp was 5 miles. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was great. Along the way we met an interesting hiker who had a baby doll head on her walking stick. She had gotten lost and our leaders called the ranger who had to come and help her find her way back.

On Sunday we cleaned up and packed up. We took a different route back. The hike out was only 3 miles. Everyone had a great time of fellowship and fun.

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Whinter Camporee 2016

On February 19-21st -2016

Troop 75 attended Winter Camporee at Skymont. This year’s theme was shooting sports. We got to do rifle, shotgun, archery, blow gun, water cannon, atle atle, bolo, throwing knives, and tomahawk. It was cool and rained a little but the weather was great compared to years past. The Eagle patrol won 2nd place over all, with a 3rd place in tomahawk. The Phoenix patrol won 1st place in rifle shooting. We all had a great time!

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Cleveland Tennessee Christmas parade

Date:  12/5/15

At the beginning before the parade people around town line up  and  decorated floats pass by and hand out candy to people. Before the parade all of the floats line up and there are drinks and various foods. The parade stretches around town in a loop back to the Bradley High School parking lot, then every one packs up and goes home.

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Weblo training at Chilhowee

Date:  10/16/15

This weekend we camped at a campsite called Chilhowee. We also had weblo scouts from pack  3075  join us  at the camp ground. We also taught the cub scouts how to tie knots and other things. After we got done with the afternoon classes we took a  hike around the camp trails. We hiked up the trail to the falls but they were closed for trail maintenance so we had to stop before going further .

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Troop 75 court of honor

Date  9/15/15

Today we had a very important court of honor for troop 75. It was the first time the troop had scouts to reach the life rank, only this time the troop had 6 scouts to earn this rank all at the same time.

We also gave out lots of merit badges because this was the first court of honor since summer camp at Bert Adams.

There was a bunch of food made by different parents and relatives.

We thank everyone who was involved  in making this a great court of honor for troop 75.

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Scouts camping at Bert Adams

June 22-28 Troop 75 went to Bert Adams scout camp in Covington Georgia


This camp offers many different activities including biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, rifle shooting, scuba diving, archery, and many more fun activities.


Even though it was really hot we found a way to have fun!
It was a week long camp with fun activities and more.
We all earned lots of merit badges.

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COH Oct. 20th 2014

We had a great Court of Honor this week. Six Star ranks and nearly 70 merit badges. Thanks to all the parents who helped pull this one off! Between Bert Adams summer camp and the Troop Summer Camporee, the Scouts worked hard and are well on their way to Eagle. I’m proud of you 75!

John Muir Backpacking Trip

On Saturday September 27th the Troop set out on a 20 mile backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail. We left the trailhead around 7:30 am and reached our camp sites, 14 miles later, at approx. 5:45 pm. This was our biggest and hardest trip so far. We ended up so far ahead of the expected schedule that we didn’t leave the camp site until 11:00 am Sunday morning to finish the last 6 miles. We stopped for almost an hour for lunch and ended at the pickup location around 2:00 pm. This trail is in the top 10 of the toughest trails this Scoutmaster has ever tackled. Great job 75!

Summer Camporee 2014

This year we have renamed our annual first year summer camp program to Summer Camporee! Here’s when, where and what we are doing.
When: Thursday July 24th starting at 6:00pm thru Sunday July 27th 4:00pm

Where: Chilhowee Campground, the cost is $30 per person (adult or Scout). Food is provided except for Thursday night (eat before you come).

What we are doing:
Merit Badges
First Aid (Scouts need to bring)
1. Personal 1st aid kit
2. Notebook and pencil/pen
Cycling (Scouts need to bring)
1. Bike and helmet
Personal Fitness (Scouts need to bring)
1. Running shoes
2. Notebook and pencil/pen
3. Yoga mat or something similar for exercises on ground

Rank Requirements to be completed,
10a (part of Personal Fitness MB)
11 (poisonous plants)
12a and 12b (part of First Aid MB)
5 (safe hike rules)
9 (buddy system)
Second Class
3c – 3f (part of Firem’n Chit and Totin Chip)
7b (Scouts should bring his 1st aid kit for credit)
7c (part of First Aid MB)
8a – 8c (done at lake)
First Class
1 (day night directions – Mr. Andy will teach this)
7a and 7b (Lashings – Mr. Marty will teach this)
9b (BSA swim test, bring swimming trunks and towel)

Firem’n Chit
Totin Chip

Contact your Scoutmaster with any questions.

Summer Camp Update #1

NEW: A draft version of the class schedule is available by click here.

The second payment of $100 for Summer Camp is due April 7th.

Summer Camp is at Bert Adams for Week 4 (June 22-28). Here is the link to camp information. Check it out!

You may still sell first aid kits to help fund you summer camp. Here is the link to the sales sheet flyer and here is the order form.

An up to date medical form is also required for Summer Camp. Each adult and Scout is required to have a physical each year to participate. Here is the link to the BSA medical form. Take it with you to your doctor.

The first payment of $100 for Summer Camp was due March 3rd.

The total for camp is $285 per Scout, There may be other costs for merit badge class kits depending on the Scout’s choice of classes. The class schedule and registration should be available sometime mid to late March.